Revelation 21 Designs
\ˌre-və-ˈlā-shən\ 21 \di-ˈzīnz\

R21D (Revelation 21 Designs) started in March of 2013 in Ohio by graphic designer Sarah Goff. When thinking of a design name, it was rather hard to come up with. I went through several different names in hebrew, latin, and greek. These were all various inspiring words to describe the type of design business I was invisioning. However, I didn’t give up and the one word that continued to stick in my head was Revelation, which means, an act of revealing or communicating divine truth. Which I thought fit pretty well with a design company, however revelation designs is already taken. So to finish this story I looked in the book of revelation in the bible and asked God to point me to a chapter or verse that would fit best. God pointed me to Revelation 21 which is about the new heaven and new earth and also, about the new jerusalem, the bride of the Lamb. Here is a link if you are interested in reading Revelation 21. I have always been fascinated with the end times thus Revelation 21 Designs was created.

Designing a logo I finally liked took a second try. I wanted the logo to be a little of a head scratcher and also give the customers an ahh haa moment with it as well. The “r” is apart of the 2 and 1, the “d” is just wrapped up in it all. There isn’t any real meaning behind the color scheme… really with any logo the colors are interchangable. As I was creating this logo I discovered that the overall shape of the logo is somewhat of a cube which in Revelation 21 it talks about the new jerusalem coming down from the heavens and if you google any pictures of the new jerusalem it reselmbles somewhat of a cube itself. So I would say that didn’t just happen by accident, it was a God moment.